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S2 E7 The First Steps in Evangelization and Catechesis with Dcn. Bob Rice

May 01, 2023 OSV Podcasts
The Real + True Podcast
S2 E7 The First Steps in Evangelization and Catechesis with Dcn. Bob Rice
Show Notes

“I'm convinced most of our problems in catechesis is we spend more time talking about what God wants of us than who God is.” Deacon Bob Rice, professor of Catechetics at Franciscian University of Steubenville, joins us to dive into the heart of catechesis, what our youth are most hungry for, how we can share the Gospel with those far from God, and how to make the bridge between dogma and everyday life. “They all need Jesus. They just don't know they need Jesus.” 

Show Notes: 
(00:12) Edmund kicks off the episode by introducing the guest: Deacon Bob Rice. He's a Catholic deacon, professor, podcaster, speaker, musician, and author at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. Edmund starts the conversation by asking Deacon Bob, “How did you first discover the Catechism?” Deacon Bob shares his mystical experience while reading the Catechism for the first time, and emphasizes that it's an expression of the deposit of faith and not the deposit of faith itself.

(06:50) The importance of the preparation step: “Catechesis is oftentimes almost presented like an answer to a question no one was asking.” Deacon Bob and Edmund discuss the Ecclesial method and the importance of preparation in catechesis. They stress the need to understand the audience and their struggles instead of focusing solely on programs. Deacon Bob emphasizes that we need to see the goodness in people and treat catechesis as a way to build relationships and understand their needs.

(14:55) “How do you know when it’s time to talk about Jesus?” Deacon Bob emphasizes that building relationships and understanding people is key to evangelizing effectively. He reminds us that everyone is made in the image and likeness of God and shares the importance of seeing the good in others. “Culture is made up of men and women who are made in the image and likeness of God.“ =

(20:33) Formally handing on the faith: advice to parents, teachers, and catechists. Dcn. Rice gives us his insights into how to bring “dogma into everyday life.” He shares, “love how the Catechism is structured. Morality is called Life in Christ. So it's about being like Jesus.” He gives us three things to keep in mind: First, “Always make it about Jesus.”  Second, use the beauty of your own witness and that of the saints. Third, connect everything to the Gospel message.

(26:57) “What do you see as the hunger in our youth?” Our guest shares that he sees human contact as the greatest hunger right now with young people. Additionally, he adds “truth and being able to trust the source” are dynamics young people struggle with right now.   

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